Documentary, color, CH

Lady Shiva

  • Written and directed by Gabriel Baur
  • With Lady Shiva, Dressed Up Animals, Ursula Rodel, Tabea Blumenschein, Federico Emanuel Pfaffen, Boris Blank/Yello, Karl Löwenherz, Christoph Columbus, Isabella Glückler a.o.
  • Director of Photography Patrick Tresch
  • Editing by Jeanne Vites, Mary Leidescher
  • Sound Thomas Gassmann, Reto Stamm, Birte Gerstenkorn
  • Music Michael Künstle
    Songs by Dressed Up Animals
















Onix  Film  Producer: Gabriel Baur, Kurt Mäder   Associate Producer  Patrick Frey  Line Producer: Laura Coppens/Berlin, Philippe Favre  Assistent Director, Production Assistent Stage: Io Baur  Editor consultant: Isabel Meier  Assistent Editor: Nina Bacchellerie  Supported by: Swiss Federal Office for Culture BAK, Zurich Film Foundation, Ernst Göhner Foundation, Cultural aid Canton Glarus, Stage Pool Focal Ernst Göhner Foundation, Migros Kulturprozent, Kuratorium Canton Aargau, Foundation Suisa, Cultural Foundation Suissimage



She was a muse, model and performer – a star, dazzling and intense. Lady Shiva rose from street prostitution to the top, was admired and disdained. She lived in the fast lane and died tragically young. Her dream was to become a singer. With her companions, we trace her life during a vibrant time that kindles a yearning and provokes until today. It’s the story of a woman’s meteoric fate and a great dream. An irrepressible desire for freedom in all its beauty and destructive force – a stirring friendship and love.




Lady ShivaLady Shiva

„Eine die so fest glüht, wird nicht alt.“ (Federico Fellini)

The archive material from 1982 consists of raw material from a film documentation of the music-theater-performance „Irena & Dressed Up Animals, The Wild Flower’s Song“ (WT) Idea Karl Lienert, Federico Emanuel Pfaffen Director Federico Emanuel Pfaffen Producer Karl Lienert  Book & Texts Federico Emanuel Pfaffen, Karl Lienert, Irene Staub, Christoph Müller Music Dressed Up Animals Cast Irene Staub as Lady Shiva (Voice), Karl Lienert as Karl Löwenherz (Electric guitar), Christoph Müller as Christoph Columbus (Drums), Federico Emanuel Pfaffen (Sax) & Komedie Atelier Participation Film Realization Gabriel Baur Camera Gabriel Baur, Helena Vagnières, Adrian Zschokke, Daniel Koch Sound & Video Technology Jean Richner Editing (2014) of the original material “The Wild Flower’s Song” Nina Bacchellerie, Gabriel Baur