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Written, directed & edited by:
Gabrielle Baur
Philly Abe, Ive Eiholzer, Bina Sharif, Kim Ellis
Produced by:
Gabrielle Baur, Kurt Mäder







Still photography by Gabrielle Baur, Kurt Mäder for ONIX©



A TALE was originally created as part of the feature length film ANNA. The basic idea of ANNA was not to fix the course of a story in advance. The story should develop organically and sudden changes should become possible – similar as in life. The group of young filmmakers was looking for a more vital, exciting dramaturgy. Every one of the 11 filmmakers (Tanja Stöcklin, Cécile Wick, Jürg Egli, Jörg Helbling, Angelo da Rota, Su Meili, Pius Morger, Manuel Siebenmann, Tommi Streiff, Helena Vagnières) was obliged to go into and to connect to the previous filmpart, to work with the same protagonist leading through the film and to keep to the same productional frame (one month alltogether for script, shooting and rough editing). The project was realized in the triangle of Zürich, Berlin and New York.
When Baur received the filmed parts in New York, the story had become so chaotically and was so far away from any reality that Baur decided to go into that chaotic “virtual reality”, to take up this very different, strange and artificial seeming worlds and even to deepen this characteristics. The ‘real world’ exists in her film only as filmprojection. The story of ANNA is further dissolved as well as the identity of the protagonist, played by Yves Eiholzer and Lower East Side Diva performer Philly Abe.
The world gets scattered into fragmentary, pulsating parts. What remains is a Augen-Blick.



The film A TALE was shown at the Solothurner Filmtage 1984 and at the New York Filmfestival/Kino Xenix 1985 among others. It received as part of “ANNA” a federal study award.


Written & directed by : Gabrielle Baur
Cast :
Philly Abe, Yve Eiholzer, Bina Sharif, Kim Ellis
Cinematography :
Mike Mayers, Gabrielle Baur
Music/Sound : Bruce Tovsky, Kurt Maeder
Art Direction : Kurt Maeder
Costumes : Penelope Wehrli
Editing : Gabrielle Baur
Release :1984
Length : (original), 17 min.
as part of the feature “ANNA” 10min.
Reel : 1
Format : Super-8mm
Production and Worldrights :
ONIX Film, Postfach 751, Langstrasse 64, CH-8024 Zürich



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